God's Love

God’s love coming:

Foretold by prophets of old-

Proclaiming God’s coming promised one.

Heralded by angelic choir-

To shepherds tending their flocks.

God’s love birthed-

Infant born of Mary-

With hay to sleep on.

Of Holy Spirit conceived-

God’s son incarnate on earth. {om earth}

God’s love seen-

First by stable animals-

And shepherds responding to heavenly news.

Acknowledged by wisemen bringing gifts-

Guided by His star.

God’s love proclaimed:

To all who would hear-

By a carpenter’s son.

Message of caring, healing-

Abundant life and future hope.

God’s love demonstrated-

Tears of blood-

Crown of thorns.

Wooden cross-

Stone sealed burial cave.

God’s love triumphant:

Easter morn-

Empty tomb.

God’s son alive-

Death’s victory won.

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