Unclaimed Gift

Christmas memories lingering,

Of children’s laughter,

Young of age,

And young of heart.

Of love’s gifts shared,

Wrapped presents,

Festive foods baked.

Of joyous celebrations,

Family gathering,

Caroling with friends and neighbors.


Of green branches,

Tipped in brown,

Adorned with lights unplugged.

Of many packages,

Given in love,

Evidenced by scraps of paper and crumpled bows.

Of food gladdened tables,

Emptied of tasty burden,

Refrigerators bulging with leftovers.

But one gift yet remains.

Oddly wrapped,

Paper of gold,

Ribbons of straw.

Fragrance of stable,

Hay and donkey,

With hint of myrrh and frankincense?

Under the tree,

In solitude waiting,

Unopened, unclaimed.

Label addressed.


Whoever will,

Freely accept.


God with love,

Delivered by angelic host.

Waiting for you,

To open,

To claim.

Christmas’ true gift.

A child,

Born in a stable,

Sleeping in a manager,

Growing into man,

Preaching love,

Of God and neighbor.

Dying on a cross,

With empty tomb,

Bringing Easter’s joy.

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